Tuesday, October 29, 2019

About Ruth Post

Little Budding Artist Ruthie


Even though decades have passed since I created this picture in kindergarten, I remember the day like it was yesterday. The warm sun was shinning on me as I took a brush full of wet paint and used broad strokes to paint this giant red flower. I knew at that moment that art was my thing and that I was hooked on it! The painting above represents my earliest vivid memory of being an artist.

I have always felt that I was an artist. As a child I loved creating images from my imagination with the art supplies my mom had at home. I was happiest as a kid when I was mixing colors, using sparkly glitter and playing with play dough. 

Now as an adult I have my own art studio with lots of easels, brushes, paints and sparkly things to add to my art works. I paint whimsical pictures that feel as sweet, happy and innocent as my childhood memories.  I evolved from making sculptures out of play dough as a child into an artist and art teacher who creates sculptures from clay that are fired in a kiln. My studio in Arizona is a sunny oasis where I paint, sculpt and sew while watching bunnies, deer, coyotes, bobcats and lizards play on the mountains outside the window.

I LOVE being an artist and art teacher! 
 I have taught little budding artists for over 35 years. 
It is my mission as an art educator to help little artists grow into BIG artists.
I would love to help you grow as an artist!

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