Tuesday, December 1, 2020

 Introducing Mini Clay Kits!

The Clay Kit is a mini version of The Clay Box. These kits are great for testing out The Clay Box subscription before you sign up to be a monthly member. Each kit contains everything you will need to create a sculpture out of clay. The art material kids LOVE the most is CLAY! These kits include: an easy to follow lesson guide book. air dry clay, a canvas mat, clay tools, a water cup, sponge, paint brush, paints, and accessories if needed to give each sculpture a little extra touch.

Puppy Love
These kits are a mini version of The Clay Box. Designed to order in sets for parties such as: birthdays, scouts, after school clubs and Zoom meet ups. Each kit contains all the necessary supplies for one person to create a cute puppy of their choice.

Here's what customer's are saying...


“Little Budding Artists’ kits and video instructions were the perfect way to create an exciting virtual craft. Every girl at our craft event absolutely loved the clarity of the instructions, and also the creativity the kit allowed. The clay craft kit is perfect for a birthday party or a fun get together. Clay is a craft young girls are not given the opportunity to work with every day so it was extremely exciting for them to try something new that was easy to follow and be unique with.” 

- Kailey B - Business Owner of the youth organization Kailey’s Queens

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