Wednesday, March 10, 2021

 Welcome to the Pint Sized ceramic studio!

Is this cool or what?!

This whimsical world was created by my artist friend Lisa Long. She is a professional potter and creates cups in a regular sized pottery studio, but then pretends to in her pint-sized one. 

Her love for miniatures started as a girl playing with her doll house. Girls love to pretend with their dolls inside each miniature room for hours at a time. I know I did when I was a kid. Lisa's love for miniatures stayed with her into adulthood. 

Lisa owns a 3D resin printer and makes 1-inch scale miniature pottery tools for her tiny pottery studio. 

After she shared that she made a replica of her pottery studio with her friends, she had so many people interested in owning their own miniatures too. Lisa decided to sell her 3D creations to others. 
You can purchase them here at: LisaLongDesigns

I can't wait to see what she sculpts next, so I follow her on Instagram! 
Check out all her creations here at: pintsizedworld

Written by: Ruth Post

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