Saturday, November 26, 2022


Meet Small Business Owner - Mrs. Post


I’m art teacher Mrs. Post. I have taught little budding artists all of my career as an art teacher. I have helped my students learn how to cut with a pair of scissors to using their imaginations to create original works of art.

I became an art teacher somewhat by accident. It happened because I loved art and wanted to tell others how cool it was. Making art is always where I find my calm and excitement for life. Calmness while creating, and excitement while sharing.

While teaching in Roseville, Michigan years ago I shared my love for art with a little girl named Michelle. Michelle loved my art class. So much so that she grew up to be an artist just like me. Now she enjoys making art just as much as I do.

When you are a teacher of children you're kind of like a seed planter. You work hard preparing the soil so things are just right for the seeds that you plant in the young minds of your students. While seed planting you hope for the best that the seeds will take root and grow into something amazing someday that will continue to grow where they are planted. Most of the time you never see your harvest but this time I had the opportunity to do so.

Meet artist turned small business owner Michelle Boggess (Nunley).
AKA my art student.

Not only is Michelle an artist, but she now promotes other artists at her newly acquired Posterity Art Galley located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Here you can find her amazing paintings along side other artists in the local community.


So it goes to show you, you just never know how supporting a little budding artist can make an impact.

I was once a little budding artist. Now I am a small business owner helping little artists grow into BIG artists. I enjoy helping children learn about art, create art, and watching them grow as artists. I would love to bring this rich art experience to your little budding artist.

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